Coinvendor - the safest way to trade bitcoins.

We make it easy to buy and sell bitcoins from your Facebook friends.

We cannot steal your funds. We never have access to your money OR your bitcoins.


The future of bitcoin trading is peer to peer. Coinvendor is the first iteration of a working peer to peer system. Coinbase only helps facilitate the exchange by providing market information such as buyers, sellers, and pricing.

This is proof of concept software. Do not use it with people you don't know and don't use it for large amounts of money

what the app looks like


  1. Implementing sell
  2. Switching Coinbase to use OAUTH instead of API keys
  3. Removing the Coinbase requirement
  4. Smarter listing of fb friends (ie. only list friends you can buy from / sell to)
  5. Improved UI
  6. Lowering Fees - targeting 0%


Payment flow

  1. Open the Coinvendor app
  2. Configure your settings
  3. Click on buy next to a friends name
  4. Input the amount of US dollars you'd like to exchange for bitcoin
  5. Buyer is redirected to the PayPal website to complete payment.
  6. Seller receives email that a sale has been made.
  7. Seller signs in to complete the payment request.
  8. Buyer receives bitcoins from seller

Any disputes should be attempted to be resolved between the buyer and the seller. If they cannot be resolved please contact me.

Questions / Suggestions

I'd love to hear from you. Please email me.

I'm ready!

Ok, checkout the alpha Coinvendor app!